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Always a highlight of the show is the "Capoeira", a fast and graceful Martial dance disguised as a playful acrobatic game! Samba Novo has been instrumental in introducing Capoeira into mainstream New York parties and events, bringing it to people who otherwise my never have had a chance to experienced it!

"The dazzling costumes, the intricate percussion, the festive dancing, and the remarkable acrobatics make for a truly memorable occasion!" - International Radio & Television Society
  Capoeira video


The Capoeira group perform their fast and graceful martial dance! This clip highlights a more traditional version of the art. See more below!

  Capoeira video


The Capoeira group burst onto the stage as the Samba Novo Floorshow reaches a fever pitch!! This can be your next party or event!!

  Capoeira song, Berimbau


Traditional Capoeira song featuring the bow instrument the "Berimbau"!

  Capoeira video, Maculele


MACULELE!! The "Stick Dance", from the sugar cane fields of Colonial Brazil! Fast and exciting!


Sambanovo has been providing the best in live Brazilian and Caribbean music and dance entertainment for the past 17 years. Our Samba Bands and Samba dancers bring the color and magic of Brazil alive, right to your next event!! Our Caribbean bands, Steel drum bands, and Calypso bands will soothe you and your guests with the tropical sounds from the islands! We can do it all for you because we specialize in live entertainment worldwide!

Why not thrill and delight your guests with the live Sambanovo floorshow, which features outstanding Samba Drummers, beautiful Brazilian dancers and our amazing Capoeira performers! We simply provide the very best live Brazilian Samba bands that exists this side of Rio de Janeiro!

CAPOEIRA - A style of martial arts developed by Brazilian slaves in the 1700s. Capoeira was developed surreptitiously, with practitioners pretending that they were taking part in dances, when in fact they were practicing their kicks and blows. Thus, there is also a whole style of capoeira music which goes along with the martial arts culture.

BERIMBAU - consist of a wooden stick which is strung with a steel string to form the bow shape, a gourd with an opening on one side which acts as a resonator, a coin or stone, a thin bamboo stick, and a basket shaker called caxixi. Traditionally in Capoeira (the Brazilian martial arts style) the berimbau rhythms are accompanied by the following percussion instruments; pandeiro (a tambourine with a head and flat jingles), agogo (two iron bells), reco reco (a bamboo scrapper) and atabaque (tall barrell style hand drum).  All these instruments give the Capoeira a very distinctive and unique sound.  During the jogo de Capoeira (game of Capoeira) various traditional, folkloric and improvised songs are sung accompanied by clapping.

MACULELE - is a stick dance, also known as jogo de bastoes. Sticks about 12 inches in length symbolize the machetes of sugar cane workers during Brazil's colonial era. It features an attacker and an opponent, executing a variety of attack and defense maneuvers. These include crossing sticks overhead, or in front of the body as blocking strategies.


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