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The Samba Novo Floor Show was the first of it's kind, bringing the infectious Brazilian "Batucada" Rhythms, along with an incredible and colorful dance show, not only to clubs, but to private events, festivals and parties as well!

"Samba Novo had us dancing on the tables!" - Elton John
  Samba band video


See "The Samba Novo Floorshow" come alive with the color and magic of Brazil!

  Brazilian Samba band sound sample


Hear the infectious "Batucada" drum rhythms of "The Samba Novo Floorshow" live as they perform at "The China Club"!

Sambanovo has been providing the best in live Brazilian music and dance entertainment for the past 17 years. Our Samba Musicians, bands and dancers bring the color and magic of Brazil alive, right to your next event!! We specialize in live Brazilian Entertainment!

SAMBA - Samba's syncopated, smooth dance style was invented in the late 1800s as part of Brazil's Carnaval celebrations. Carnaval sambas were typically performed by large percussion ensembles, and were an expression of Brazil's West African heritage. Samba is the basic underlying rhythm that typifies most Brazilian music.

CARNAVAL - Brazil's annual national Lent celebration, known for it's colorful parades, wild street parties, and awesome live performances by large samba "schools." Similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, though Carnaval takes place all across Brazil, and different cities try to top each other with their insane partying.

BATUCADA - Intense, polyrhythmic percussion. Batucada is a style which emphasizes Brazilian culture's African heritage.

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